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Advanced Driver Training

Churchtown and Orwell School Of Motoring are experts at training our students to the  IAM Advanced Driving Test and the ROSPA Advanced Driving Test standards. Gaining advanced driving skills is the ideal way for intermediate drivers to improve their driving skills to cope with the unexpected and generally gain a greater appreciation of motoring in a safe, and efficient manner. Statistically you are 80% less likely to be involved in a serious accident after undertaking Advanced Driver Training. This, in turn, is reflected in insurance premiums with reductions of up to 30% likely with many insurance companies.

The test comprises of advanced training with a senior COSOM instructor in our vehicle or your own. At the end of training an assessment is made of your ability and should you be found to be competent you will be certified by COSOM.


Advanced Driver Training with COSOM

Call us on (01) 298 9219 and we can tailor training to suit your needs, ability, circumstances and preferences - our end aim is to provide you with training which will save you money, and more importantly, potentially save lives.


Motorway Experience Training

Learning to drive doesn't finish when you have passed your driving test, although it does mean you are well on your way to driving alone. Although not currently covered in driving training as a legal requirement, due to the high number of fatal accidents that occur on dual carriageways and motorways in Ireland, it is important that you can get hands on experience of high speed roads with a COSOM professional driving instructor.


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